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Mount ISO disk image

I’m partial to FTP installs of all my linux OS’s. This is mainly due to buggy DVD writers causing me to generate a ton of silver coasters and to generally increase my stress levels. So I;ve been downloading ISO’s and mounting them under my FTP site to allow for network installations. This also seems to run quicker than from disk in some instances since my network throughput is greater than my DVD throughput on some of my laptops. This also helps for systems which do not have cd/DVD drives installed and installation is performed using a USB stick.

So without further ado… To mount an ISO run the following command as root:

mount -r -t iso9660 -o loop /source/disk.iso /target/directory/

WordPress and memory management

I’m running LAMP and WordPress2.8.6 on a Sun Fire X2100 64-bit Opteron 146 server. When I first setup this server, it was for static html and light duty email & ftp usage, so the base 512M memory worked fine. On the initial install of WordPress and for a few days after, everything looked like it was running smoothly. Recently though, I began noticing a large delay in processing web pages so I took a look at the memory usage. Well I was maxed out on physical RAM and using another 500M or so of swap. Load averages during my own usage would shoot up to 6 or so. So apparently PHP was swapping out every time a dynamic request came through. Firstly, the automatic YUM daemon was utilizing 30% of my physical RAM, so I shut that off.

# chkconfig --levels 0123456 /etc/init.d/yum-updatesd off

but I could still see my memory usage creep up and then start to swap. So a quick trip to purloin some DDR1 unbuffered ECC memory later, 2G is installed and everything is running beautifully. 770M usage in core after the reboot with alot of headroom should hopefully fix the issue for good.

Now one of the questions may be why did I have memory issues in the first place? 512M should be plenty for a LAMP server running Postfix+Spamassasin. And if I had set Fedora up as a bare bones server install from the beginning, those questions would be valid. But I’m also running the full Gnome desktop and its associated bloat. But 2G ought to keep everyone happy. When I get around to upgrading from FC7, I’ll strip the system down to bare essentials.