QFD: House of Quality Template

Running around the web, I could not find a quality HOQ template that was not locked, protected, or complete for my needs. So I decided to create one and share it. The attached template is created in Excel 2007 and does not contain any macros or VB code. Nothing is locked or protected, and it can be resized at will (though this may require a little cleanup afterwards). Drop down lists are generated using the Data Validation tool, in-cell charts through the use of the REPT function, cell highlighting using conditional formatting and the line charts are simple excel graphs, updated automatically, that are aligned with the cells.

Click on the picture for a larger image. You can download the MS Excel 2007 template here and the OOo 3.1.1 template here.

I place this template into the public domain. Feel free to use, modify, redistribute, etc. Though if you do find it useful, let me know.

Caveat lector — All work and ideas presented here may not be accurate and should be verified before application.

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